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Welcome to Kahana Farm


Mission and Aspirations

Quality Meat, Excellent Customer Service and Environmentally Sustainable Farming

On our 80 acres of preserved farmland, we work to restore the traditions of our forefathers by providing our friends, family, and local community with nothing but the highest quality meat. Raising our animals on natural feed and pasture ensures their meat is rich in nutrients and flavor. By supporting our farm and enjoying our meat and eggs, you are not only empowering a local business but also protecting our environment.

As the spring and summer season starts often we are asked if people can visit our farm. We do have a small front section for visitors to walk around where you will see goats, cows, rabbits, and chickens. For clarification, we are a working farm, not an agro/tourism farm. We don’t have a petting zoo and we don’t let customers feed the animals as they are under a supervised diet.

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