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Vision: keep the Farm History since 1792

Vision: We are planning to have the barn at #KahanaFarm converted to a time capsule.

1. 2020 - today. When you enter the barn you will start at the future of farming #aquaponics with #fish this is the Kahana family section as my brother steve is doing this in Israel for the last 10 years EcoTal - אקוטל

2. 1932 - The Rosenfarb family, dairy farmers. To honor the family we will have homemade ice cream and a museum of #Randolph as a vacation destination for New Yorkers. (1920 to 1970)

3. 1792 - The #Meeker family. Not sure yet what the family did (we are looking for them) but we are sure they drank beer and whiskey. Therefore we are planning to have a Craft #brewery and #microbrewery.

Thank you Lear Barel and @Dasha Barel for the design


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